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Thursday, July 23 |9:19 PM

Reasons of me not blogging:
1) There's too much to update.
2) I'm too lazy.
3) I think no one bothers to read anymore.
4) I'm busy.

That shall conclude my poly life right now (:

Sunday, April 19 |4:56 PM

i hate my life, i hate school.

|12:43 AM

Hey sorry for the lack of updates!

I've been really busy with work (yes I've been working!), and now I'm busy with school. School will be starting in prolly a tad bit more than 48hours. I am so excited to meet new friends! Orientation was fun! I really love meeting new people, some chance to widen my social circle. I want to put down my past, (though I had a few lovely friends, I'll still remember you guys! No worries) and embrace the future!

School will be put to a whole different level now... I'm so going to need independance.


Group is important, but then we'll be meeting different people and no one will be in the same class for a year! Unless you are lucky, damn lucky. You can be in the same damned class for 3 years. WOW then you'll be a very lucky person aye... I'd call you a stalker, laugh out loud*. However it is possible for that to happen here.

Ahhh yes, I totally hate seeing people wearing gladiators with what..?! jeans skirt. Ok maybe depends on how you match it, but gladiators with jeans skirt sucks. I've seen old people wearing it, OMG?! GROSSS.

Ok i am very tired so i'm going off nowwwww tata~

“ religious/churches ”
Monday, February 23 |10:32 PM

Right I have been wanting to blog about this for some time, but I didn't have the time.

p/s: I know this is a sensitive issue, however I'm only blogging about my view on it. I am not trying to stir anything. You can disagree or agree.

1) How many of you (by you I mean, freethinkers) have been pulled to church by a friend before?
2) How many of you had gone to church once and then being 'forced' back due to peer pressure?

I have.

I have been in a Christian school for 10yrs and I don't distaste Christians or whatsoever. In fact I do somewhat believe in Christ. (Not very strong as yet though) I was exposed to church only when I was 16. I went there because my friend kept bugging me to go.. I couldn't reject her all the time, right?

I went there once. Yes the people there are very friendly, I can't deny. Talked/chatted and some of them got hold of my number. After that, you'll recieve msges from them asking "So are you coming to church next wk?" "Are you coming?(:" "Hey, we all missed you, when will you be back?". Right I only went there once. FRIENDLY. Aren't they a little bit over friendly? I saw them once, and a wk later they missed me. It's not as if I'm a very fun person to be with, what's there to miss?

Then I went to a church service again, as to accompany my friend. I thought I'd be fine. I went there once and the pastor asked if we're ready to accept Christ. I pondered. However I went up because the people there kept 'forcing' me to. I was so new to it, I didn't even know what it meant by going up there, so is my friend. Okay so I realised that I was a Christian bcos of that.

Okay wth. Nevermind that isn't the point of this post.


I have no idea why the people from Church tend to "force" you to go back for every single service. Okay maybe they're just being kind to save us. But sometimes it gets irritating you know. What's the point of making us commit to Christ when some people don't even understand? They just recruit ( yes I use the word recruit) people for the sake of recruiting.

The church is only trying to expand themselves. -.- COMMERCIALISED. I hate commercialised churches! I think about half the population don't understand the true meaning of being a Christian. And all they do is write on their blogs "God has a plan for me.." Yes wtf, even if God has a plan, you'll still need to do something right! If not God can't continue with his plan, damn it. So what if you're a Christian? It means you don't have to work hard to get the things you want? Very funny. I think God doesn't work that way. You will need to work hard too.

K NVM i feel like ending this post. I'm sorry if I angered anyone.