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“ 5566 craze!!! ”
Saturday, November 19 |5:04 PM

i'm freshly hot here. just came back few mins ago.
woahh~ this was one of e best 5566 programmes.
hahaz. at least it's udner shade. xDD
i was soooo happy! i was at row 6. yah. right at the left.
right at the right(from where they see. hahaz.
actually i was suppose to be at row 5.
but this girl... just suddenly pop up of nowhere.
and then sit down. hahaz. but im just too high!!!
i have totally no idea how does it feel shaking their hands.
beocs i was so in dreamland tat i forgot e feeling.
hahaz. but renfu said "yan chang hui jian!"
ohh~ i'm melting already! okok. i'm mad... *winkks*
haha. 5566 came out from my side!!
wanted to take picture of xiezhi. but then too late.
i caught shaowei... hahaz....shaowei also not bad la. HAHA xD

they signed e big poster.. then i rushed to e back...
to see them. HAH... renfu so kawaii... Mengzhe n renfu
was sitting at e back, then renfu was like waving but he din turned ard.
haha! xD so kawaii. my renfu!!!
7 flowers n taiji will be comin 2 e concert!!!
they also said that there will be 4 individuals going there.
i guess tat the in dividuals will be them bah... xD
yupps.. like xiezhi wearing bikini. tat type. hahaz.