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Monday, November 21 |11:02 PM

HAHA. yays. today's wanyu host is renfu n shaowei!!!
whee... currently downloading Photoshop CS in my laptop!
hahaz. so i can watch MY tv n do some graphics! now only 43%
hahaz. okok... today's wanyu's topic is "gao xiao tian wang, zhen ba zhan!"
can call-in n vote... xDD hmm.. who shall i vote???
hahaz. nahz. can't even call in... lolz. LAME.
Renfu's leading... 400+ shaowei got 90+
hahas! renfu told shaowei's SAM CLUB to call in.
cos too little pple voting. lolx. renfu said tat
it's not tat he's funny. it's becos of he's "ren qi"
both of them sooo like "chen men"
cos no one wants to win. HAHA.
aiyo. hw only finished reading ritez. diaooz... so many hw!