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Wednesday, November 30 |5:54 PM

I've got too mant things to say.... hahaz. so let's rewind to last sunday.... 26th nov....
it's my cuzzies wedding. went to fetch harmony then when to four seasons hotel.
it was totally cold there okayys,
i didn't bring any sweater of anything. blehhz. i was freezing.
all of my relatives were at the staircase,
duno for what. hahaz. they chatted there for awhile.
Lina was like a japanese doll. n she was wearing a wig! so unbelievable! LOL. =]
hahaz. Peng yee was dressed like a magician? ok. tat's my feeling lah...
hmmm. ok. cheryl wore a dress. n her makeup was so... thick!
her mum was wearing RED, as expected. hahaz.
cos my uncle saw her buying tat at robinsons. xD
then we went to the brides room! =D yah.
my mm kept knocking e door.
pengyee then told her ter was a doorbell. LOL.
all of them went off. left me, mum, e bride(my cousin) n her friends.
okayy. i'm e only child there! so paiseh lah. stupid mum.
just hated it cos she was buddy-buddy with my cousin.
yee. i'm like so extra there loh! =X
okok. then all of us went down...
there was this place to sign before u go in.
then guess what!!! i saw charlotte!!!
ok... charlotte is someone from my sch.
1B2, monitress, interactor, index no. 28!
okayy.. i didn't mean to find all the infos out. i'm just clever. *thick-skinned*
she was dressed like a guy loh. eww. all black.
she recognised me okayy! i was like... so duno what to do.
shd i say hi anot. cos i don't really know her. hahaz.
then my mum so kaypo lahh. ask the groom(jason)
how is she related to him. then he asked charlotte to come!
aiyo. so paiseh lahh. =X i don't want to be related to her!
ARGH! so bad luck loh. the waitress accidently poured red wine
onto me! GRR.. then i went to the toilet to clean up
n i saw charlottle! so dao mei!!! grrr. the red wine
accident happened 2 times. then they gave a choc cake!
hahaz... =] pengyee asked if we wanted a cousins outing.
hahaz. first time we have this kinda thing. lolx.