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Tuesday, December 13 |9:57 PM

4 more days ! x))
and there's this'anonymous spamming my tagboard*

kayys . today was a uber bored day kayy .
doing homework all day long. how boredd .
kayys . finished clay marble summary today !
whee ! planning to change skin lah .
but there's just tooo little 56 skins around .
bleahhs. something so wrong with da blog lo .
hahaz. =] ytd wanyu was nice !
two 5566 news ytd . n they were rehearing !
hahaz. i like tat exchanging hat part . hahaz.
yays. today got she ! starting to like ella le .
hmm. meeting vivien at ermm 7pm .
we're talking bus n i don't think we can reach there at 8pm !
i still need to buy things kayys . aiya. nvm lah...