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Saturday, December 17 |1:35 PM

6 more hours! 6 more hours! 6 more hours! 6 more hours! 6 more hours!

geex. i'm mad i know... how can i not be mad when e concert is 6 more hours !
hahaz... hmmm. i know my seats le! (finally) section c4, row 9, seat 12 n 11
some visualisation(below) lolx...
heard tat 56 will be coming out frm e side! eee.. i'm kinda in e middle.
haven memorise e lyrics yet, thou i'm kinda familiar. woke up early to listen their songs .
hehez. i'm trying v hard to learn how to make blogskins . yet failed .
i've designed it..(pics below) haiz. but e codings are all wrong. diaox. hmm...
kayys... nothing more to type le.'s coming 7! abt 1 more hour!
hahaz. the sudden rain just now was like ermm scaring me !
making me more nervous ? hahax. but in the end viviens dad
chose to bring us there. he'll reach abt 7.15...
n there MIGHT be jam. n ya so on n so forth.
then will we be late??? i dunno ahh~ grrr.
nvm. as long as i see 5566. hehes. ermm
can't believe xiaodao is in jay's mv. but it's a small part thou.
hahaz. is he sort of money?? heeheex.
e forum today is ermm. bored ?
not alot pple posting... hmm. cos of e concert i guess..
hahaz. wonder if tengwan jie can go...
( no idea why my hair is in a mess!) hmms shan't talk. later late le. ** runs off**
e tickets !