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Thursday, December 1 |8:53 PM

bacck to post agaiin .
planned to finish all eng hw by this wk .
LOL. so impossible. hahz. =]
tuition gonna start this sun .
but esther still didn't register ? =X
i dun knoe . tagged at her blog .
at first was realli ok . yeah chatted quite alot .
but after talking on e tuition thing she din reply !
argh ! esther ! realli wished she joined e same class as us !
remember we're da THREES !
you won't forget right ? haiz . times realli changed alot !
visited sher minh's blog . she've changed ! yah ! alot !
she's not e same sher minh i guess . i was once v gd frens wif her .
not now . she was once 5566 fans. but not now . haiz .
Chicken little was nice ! a cute movie ! yeahhz . must watch !
i don't like shanwei n renfu to host wanyu !
shaowei n renfu is the best !