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Sunday, December 18 |10:48 PM

the concert was fun !
(but whole body aching ! heh heh)

happy b'day shaowei !
hmm. ytd was nice . i bought e lightsticks n clappers
(which came together with a poster)
let me recall what kay. cos i was too tired .
heh . ermm the we reached there like ermm 7.45?
( i would be there at 6.30 if my mum were to bring me. =D )
we didn't know where to go .
i was like ' follow the crowd !'
obviously it worked. if not i woundn't be here typing. haha.
vivien went 'where's e max pavilion? hall what? hall what?'
n whenever she does tat i keep reminding her
' max pavilion IS max pavilion. 'NO HALLS ' (got so fed-up)
she went ' but here (points to e signboard) writes hall 7-9 '
and this whole thing went over n over again for like SIX TIMES .
luckily i saw e map alot of times.
if not i woundn't know max pavilion is a hall. heh heh.

after a long walk we reached
yeahh . n of course bought some things .
hmm. i forgot to buy mingdao's poster for my mum .
if not she'll be so high ...
she wanted it for soo long. haha. evil me =DD

we went to our seats n in was kinda in e middle...
2 seat away from da 'walk way' ...
people around are WEIRD (pardon me eh...=DD)
the girl beside me was obviously forced by her friend to come .
she doesn't look like a 56 fan .
she also looks like lizard i don't mean lizards
i mean a gal frm my sch . nick ; lizard. (lol)
n the gal beside viven was ermm so not high?
i mean she looks bored . no expressions from her face .
my whole row was like aunties n uncles or like being forced to come de.
hmm. weird eh . i was kinda angry when i saw
a board 2 rows directly infront of me...
then i saw 2 people who looked familiar .
then i recalled i saw then at e handshake session .
the first gal in the row... how fated. lolx.
accidents do happen sometimes
ok . i hurt two people in the concert . sorry !
vivien n the girl infront of me . hehex.
the concert was abt to start.
everyone used e clappers. suddently vivien stopped .
then i accidentaly hit her head.
(two times already. once was clappers then the lightstick)
n as for e girl infront of me... everyone stood as 56 came out .
i was using my lightsticks. 56 finish performing,
then they showed e video . n then she sat down
when my lightstick was like near her .
it hit her back . ahh...
i'm sorry to you guys ! sorry .

ok. now about the CONCERT (finally eh. hehex)
they first came out with e african style...
n they preformed yi qi mao xian .
hmm. n shen hua, zhen yang, bounce
after tat xiezhi came out saying ermm thai ? ( i forgot le)
xiezhi said everything fluently .
(thou i don't wish to admit it. haha.)
mengzhe said korean with the help of nikki
shaowei spoke malaysian... (is tat how u call it?)
RENFU spoke ittalian or french..
RENFU is da best kay ( in my eyes. if u don't agree with me =DD)
he keep repeating the "dou ble le see dou ble le seek" (sth like tat)
shaowei 'threw away' the board...
n it's obvious he is listening to a player. hahax.
the way he talk is like chopped into pieces. hahax.
mengzhe n xiezhi came out from.. i dunno where. hahax.
they complained bout shaowei's speech...
hahax. then in the end, he spoke chinese.
he was saying tat "you all must be saying,
tat i will say because of you, so there is 5566,
tat's right. i'm going to say tat. " hahax. so funny.

ok. i forgot what songs they sang next .
but i remember mengzhe came out singing wu suo wei
realised his voice abit like RENFU (weird eh.)
xiezhi sang wa sa bi (i think) .
shaowei as usual with hot chicks.
( i was like wondering why is he like e one who always have hot chicks.
last yr concert also like tat. hehex)

ermm. RENFU performed ermm. oh no. i forgot.
ok. i think it's the drum thingy . n he flew round the stage
with one of taiji holding the rope . luckily he didn't fall .
if not... hmm. let's not think what will happen . lolx.

ok. i love the part where they have the recalling of the idol dramas. (:
as expected, mengzhe came out as DJ, xiezhi as yayu, shaowei as ziqian

dropped my lightsticks n clappers
while mengzhe n xiezhi was performing . hahx .
ok got really high when RENFU came out . (:
he first came out as YINGQI then yah, ge dou... =DD
found tat shaowei's part was super long...
somemore got qiaoen come out. hahax.
(heard from some pple tat wanbao thot qiaoen was fans. lolx.)
after shaowei come out. yayu, dj, YINGQI came out.
yeah. n they quarreled...

(taken from wanyu. alittle diff from concert lah. cos i forgot . hahax. )
yayu ; eh eh eh... this is xijie ! why are you at my teritory ?
yingqi ; ths is xijie?! i've never heard of tat, i only heard off orchard rd.
ziqian ; nonono. this is senwell... confirm is senwell. if not u ask them.(point to fans)
see if they know who am i...
ziqian ; who am i???
fans ; xu ziqian ..
ziqian ; u see! it's senwell. they know me...
yingqi ; wait wait wait. do u know me? who am i?
fans ; wei ying qi ..
yingqi: SEE ! they also know me ok !
yayu ; what are u guys doing at here ! this is my place ok ! who am i?
fans ; you ya yu ..
ziqian ; ok. then u guys know senwell?
fans ; yes ..
ziqian ; see they know senwell. tat means this is senwell ..
yingqi ; there's no senwell here. there is only marina mandarin... they know senwell doesn't mean tat there is senwell here. is there senwell here?
fans ; no ..
done-oh ; aiya. this is my territory ! why are u here... (done-oh song played)
gen wo yi qi oh-oh gen wo yi qi wa wa ....
gen wo yi qi oh-oh gen wo yi qi wa wa ....
gen wo yi qi oh-oh gen wo yi qi wa wa ....
hahax. then yayu, ziqian, dj n YINGQI
danced e done-oh dance...
yayu ; i'm YOU YA YU, why am i suppose to dance this kind of dance?
hahaz... i love this whole part the most... muacckx. =DD
if u are wondering why shiqi is so lame to type all this out, ask boredom... (:

5566 also said tat they still haven introduced themselves...
yah, n they introduced. (what sentence is this? haha)
they also took out cameras to take pictures
sadly, i'm not seated at e front... if not i'll might be able to get it. (:
wonder who e pictures look like. hahax.
xiezhi complained tat his flim very little
like only 4 to 5 then finish already.
mengzhe then said, oh is it?! mine like alot, you see now still got...
xiezhi: you are the most "xin ji" one in must the
one who did something to my camera....
(i forgot what they said after tat)
mengzhe then used he's cam. to take 5566...
RENFU who is still at the left side of the stage
runs back to take with them. (:
after the picture is out...
xiezhi: MENGZHE! i knew it! you were the one who
use my cam so tat there is so little flim!
even my face is half of the picture !
(forgot what they said. hee. but after some talking...)
xiezhi: what's the use of this pic. my face is only half of it. hmph !
hahax. xiezhi so cute.
but tat's realli not the ACTUAL thing they said...
i mean not exactly what they said lah. hee... (:

they invited 4 fans to come up n sing with them.
hmm realised tat the fans wore white n ermm red?
can"t remember the other colour.

only remember cos renfu's fan was white.
first they walked to the left stage .
shaowei n e fan sat down n sing together.
n there was once the stupid (say no evil. haha) camera keep blocking RENFU...
wait till i find out which company is tat from... haha...
the last continent was asia...
n they sang, one world one dream, easy come easy go ..
xiaodao came out in the encore part.
i mean in the video. he shouted encore with us .
suddenly xiezhi sang wo nan guo
everyone screamed . they sang a few slow songs..
when RENFU was singing BOYFRIEND.
he can't reach those high notes. he wasn't to blame of cos. (:
he was screaming n shouting thru out the whole concert.
n i guess he was too emotional, abt to cry.
(maybe tat was not the encore part.. i forgot le... hehex. )
then he said tat he's very touched that
when he still can't get those high notes
everyone still continued to sing with him.. (:
he added tht he tried not to cry becos
it's very disgustin 4 a guy to cry..
then they celebrated shaowei's b'dae..
by singing, english n chinese version of happy birthday.
then of cos they sang e FAMOUS 56 version. hahax.
his wishes are...
1. everyone to be healthy ..
2. to come to singapore for concert every year ..
3. **this shall be kept in his heart ...**

xiezhi interupted by saying : his wishes are to become a man
and not to be called jiao di di... hahax.
for e last wish... fans shouted 'jie hun... jie hun..'
xiezhi: his career is already a failure how can he get married?

hahax... hmm think i wrote too much for e concert already.
wonder who will read this post...hahax. ignore me.. (: