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Monday, December 12 |2:44 PM

countdown 5 more days !
haha . so happy .
but e sad thing is tat i can't go 7F a/s
n watch them going psc nite .
anyone whens e repeat ?
haha . mum giving me $100 for e concert to buy things .
whee ! hahaz . she should have let me gone to e $148 de .
lolx. anyways . heard e first 7 songs of typhoon album le .
so far . it's ok lah . doesn't suit my taste . cos it's fast songs .
hahaz. suddenly realised all 56 idol dramas are related to sports.
kayys . but i prefer like tgdjy or snow angel tat type ;
like not so violent ? hahaz. dunno lah ~
planned to finish clay marble today .
dunno can anot . still haven finish sweehan request e sig .
haish . so many things not done n sch is reopening soon .
maybe i'll go J8 tml n see who's e 20 qiang ?
dunno . if my mum wants to treat me breakfast .
hahaz... hmm. i think clay marble is the only book i realli read. haha.