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Friday, December 9 |2:44 PM

hahaz. finally done with e music !
lolx... took a long time to figure it out.
it's lang man shou ji or sth. yah...
i like it. it's realli nice . gonna change e
songs few days later. hahaz...
chao ji happy de. cos CONFIRM
can go concert already ! aiya.
it's just a trick to let her study hard so she can go e conert.
lame trick thou. lolx... realised tat shiying joined campus superstar.
lols. with her trademark 72 bian again. lolx.
kk. i don't realli knw her but my 2 best frenns know her.
can't believe she joined. but she didn't get in da 20 qiang.

realli getting to like typhoon n 7F alot !
hahaz. haish. can't go 7F auto session next wk !
got tuition . haish . anyways . today's tuition was fun ?
hahas. dunno . e teacher was fun . but we came late for e first lesson...
then like dunno where to sit lor... so paiseh. lolx...
hmmm. what else to blog? nothing le hahaz. tat's all bah.