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Thursday, December 15 |10:37 PM

here's 7F shedule in s'pore ( credits to 5566jstar forum)

16/12/2005 (Fri)
12:00 BR225 reach singapore
18:00 YES933 (guest of them)
20:00 7flowers promote their albu,-Junction 8 (Atrium) L2
22:15 UFM100.3(guest)

17/12/2005 (Sat)
13:30 PSC Nite Pre-Recording
20:00 5566-2005 concert
18/12/2005 (Sun)
13:30 UFM100.3(guest)
19:00 xin shou xiang lian2005

i've been posting everyday for e sake of the concert. =DD

okayys . two more days to go !
yay ! hahaz. didn't know jasslyn going .
haha. she got e tix for free ! so good.
her teacher gave it to her . so good...
hahaz... today's wanyu was special !
it's pre-recoreded . hahaz. no idea why thou .
but at least i can see renfu . hahaz .
hahaz . haven realli memorised 56 lyrics !
okayys. this is e first concert i'm memorising for lyrics .
n e first concert i'm not going with my parents supervision.
hahaz. =DD n the first concert which i'm soooo excited !
i think i'm gonna miss my mum when she's away .
=DD but tat means i can do more graphics . tat few days .
i made a signature for sweehan... =]

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