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Sunday, December 4 |6:27 PM

OKAYYS. these few days have been really really BORED!
cos internet wasn't working!!! it's been TWO days!
i can't blog, go to forum, n use my photoshop!
only 20 days left for trial ! haiiz.
can't use ps cos i need textures, brushes n better pictures.
today was also first day of tuition .
hahaz . saw anna e first thing i went in .
hahaz . e atmosphere there was . awkward !
it was totally quiet ! till... few boys came in .
noisy ! aiyo~ the teacher come in still so noisy !
i can't concentrate lah ! LOL . =]
there was this small boy who came in .
then e teacher asked " Sec 2 science? "
" Yah " **everyone laughed**
"Yah what. must ask . in case he come wrong class." LOL.
okayy. but i don't understand e whole lesson .
hahaz. finally e internet was OK .
yeahhs . i went to e forum then i realise tat tengwan jie
said i could be moderator .. hahaz . what a surprise .
didn't know can be one so fast . lol . i'm in charge of
7 flowers de . but too bad . i don't realli know them . LOLx.