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Thursday, December 29 |11:13 PM

went to play pool today. walalala~
sooo pathetic! i'm just sooo bad in playing pool. haha
i just suddenly rmb tat today rainie is have a/s at J8!
yeah. n so CONSIDENTAL ( is tat how u spell it?) i plan to buy j-mag today.
LOL. so i went took rainie's album n a camera there. (:
just in case i see her. heheh...
soo. we left e pool place ard 7... then reached there at 8pm.
planned everything already.. first go coolzone then go up.
i tricked my mum to go up. haha! told her rainie was there.
then she was like. u TRICK me to come here...
in e end she also went there. -_-
she's more excited than me! haha.
i think 56 a/s got MUCH more pple .
well~ everyone ard me has e gaiban version..
then still need coupon to go in...
so i just stand there look at her.
then i decided to give it a try even i don't have e coupon.
cos e DJ said those with coupon can go in first.
which means can go in without coupon.. :)
haha. i joined e queue. i was like e last few..
well, the workers are soo... strict..
they check e CD 3 times lo. -_-
somemore still need to open n see inside..
hahax. not like 56 de. just see less than 1 sec then let u go in.
well, she's so skinny compared to e tv...
oh gosh... yeah, she shake my hand too. n say thank you.
she's a good girl lah... (: she can rmb almost all her fans in tw lo.
e thing is tat she look soo small compared to tv.
while 56 look like giants compared to tv. haha.
well, had a good day today. (: thou many irritating pple SMS-ed me.
gosh so many hw not done~