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Wednesday, December 14 |11:18 PM

thwee more dayys .
feeling ; i'm so excited for e concert . =DDD

i think i know who's e secret guest le !
cos wanyu show . like tat no fun le .
but makes me more excited ! =DDD ( you'll see this alot times in this post . hee)
hahaz . i'm so excited ! =DDD lolx .
yeahh~ i noe where to buy light sticks le .
i accidentaly found light sticks when i was cycling . xD
it's at pasir ris park, a provision shop. owned by 2 malays/indians
near the sea . (for those who are finding for it . hope it helps ! =DD )
wanted to post at e forum de . but forgot where's tat discussion . hehez .
hmm... also know tat 56 will wear their group uniform .
which is . a black shirt . -_- kinda plain lah .
hahaz . they will wear it on e concert ! yeahhz !
renfu - ge xing
xiezhi - hong xing
shaowei - ying xing
mengzhe - ming xing
lolx. it's kinda lame for me lah~ =DD
i mean e ge xing n all those. hahaz.
e funniest thing is tat xiezhi's name was printed wrongly .
it became tong sun .=DD hahaz .
just watched shaowei's b'dae party . so funny =DDD