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Wednesday, December 28 |11:23 PM

woke up super early today.. haha. 10.15am!
haha. it's early for me lah~ haha reached macs at 10.55?
waited n waited for denise at the table outside.
i'm like so lonely lo. i see ah peks sitting outside.
i'm so left out. waited like 15 to 20 mins for denise
then went to do hw. so guai. haha. copied her chinese la.
haha. i'm such a bad girl. haha. well, i called esther at 12.30?
yeah. n her hp was OFF! i thot she forgot... so lucky she didn't heh!
hahax. got a shock when she called n said i'm so sorry...
i thot she's not coming. well, she always give me suprises.
haha. well, we didn't realli do our hw after esther came. heheh.
I MISS ESTHER SOO MUCH .. long time didn't see her le.
sobs sobs...esther not joining mavis. sobs. haiix...
her mum bought my mum a bible! hahax. thanks (:
tuitions was super cold lah. like freezing inside le.
i don't like science... maths is better. (:
today's wanyu is... ai qing bao zhen ban. hahax.
renfu hairstyle roxs! ( thou i still prefer his previous hair)
well, why did he dye his hair? i sense sth special
cos he wun anyhow dye his hair. as i9n for no reason?
hehe. e part where shanwei describe e chu lian (or sth)
was soo funny. haha.. renfu was like... in wonderland lers.
n he can never find true love! poor thing. )):

-SHIQI 281205