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Tuesday, January 24 |2:52 PM


okok. ammendment to my previous post.
i mean the frens in MY CLASS now...
like why can't they just get along with each other?
there goes vivien asking me to have my opinion and not follow LY
and LY is there asking me not to friend vivien.
can't they be more mature?! don't friend here, don't friend there.
why can't they just stay in harmony together? so i can rest in PEACE!!
grrrr. i hate the life i'm in now. stressful and i can't have PEACE.

ok, enough of my grumblings. =P
haha, now listening to XIN NIAN KUAI LE by j-stars...
so HIGHHHH~ gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ah.
there was this part where xiezhi said japanese. so funny.
qiaoen sounded like air- stewardess.. haha
i'm getting to like shaowei more!
gosh~ and i feel that it's a disgrace ? lol.
none of my frens like him. BOO~~
can't wait for ai qing mo fa shi vcd to come out..
i made my mind up. NEVER DOWNLOAD SHOWS!!!
i shall turn over a new leaf. cos i'm a scardy cat. meoww~ =P
yesterday's wanyu was super nice. got 183 club (:
the CONTENTS are nice. esp. when shaowei was trying to get xiaoai's no.
"Quick give me, if not all will break."
lolx. =P hehe, i rented the lu guang sen lin just now. (:
hehe.. but i still can't see it yet. *sobs* must wait till CNY
my mum would be going to malaysia on mon and tues, sobbs.
i'll be alone with my grandma and maid, which is -_- boring.
i STILL haven bought my new year clothes!!! arghh...
i want some new clothes please?
psfftts.. i think my degree increased again. haiix.
join this forum... (: even if you don't like 5566 or jstars nvm. there's a spam corner... (:
oh~ and vote for renfu (: