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“ bad day. ”
Wednesday, January 4 |5:09 PM

it's OFFICIALLY the second day of sch..
n i'm feeling soo moody and of cos sleepy..
well. my form teacher is mrs sharon pang. (anyone knows who is tat)
she's on maternaty(errm?) leave. n so there is our relief teacher.
ms tay... well. co-tutor is.. ms/mrs agnes ong.
and e fact is i'm not sure if she's miss or mrs.. haha
she's not teaching us anything thou. =D *phew*
then there's another ms TEY. ermm. i dunno what she teach.
but i think she's a relief teacher too~ =p


yes yes. another yr of torture. how pathetic.
i'm sitting with my old partner. and yes, she's LIYING. *groans*
i mean like... HELLO~ i've sat with her 4 times already.
teachers should make a survey before they arrange who sit with who.
ok. but i've already made my mind SET.
i'm not gonna help her in any homework.
i mean it . andt's my goal of the year! haha. joking.
okay. so far e only thing i do for her is carry e table. -_-''
haha. okok. talking about table. my table is HORRIBLE!!!
yes. HORRIBLE. TERRIBLE. eww eww table..
super horrible table. it's special in some sense...
it's grey. not all tables are grey in class. mostly BROWN.
it doesn't have a space for me to put my books underneath!!
-_-'' yes. it doesn't have the... i don't know what tat. haha
it's so.. eww. haiix. n i sit beside e window. behind SHER MINH. gosh.
well. two new girls in my class. ermm. 1 frm malaysia-- jessica
one from normal class-- tessa haha. jessica is really poor thing.
cos her partner is a prefect n she has no one to talk to.
aww. haha. but at least shi min talks to her abit. (=
oh and our monitress.... richa n elizabeth~
elizabeth again. well well well~ what can i do?
richa? i think out whole class will go crazy with her. =)
hahax. but it spices up e class right? poor 2B2...
their form teacher is mrs cumar n co-tutor is.....
**drum dolls pls**......... MS LOH aka armpit hair woman.
-_-'' b2's have to tolerate her attitude problem.
cos she won't torlerate any late work n blah blah blah blah~
haha... she's my co-tutor once. but only for 1/2 year. *phew*
she nv teachs lah. she can waste 55mins in a 1hr 10mins lesson
talking rubbish she's so EXTRA. i'm bad haha.
ok. and she's my lit teacher. that's why i hate lit...
no one ever likes it ever since she came. haha
my geog teacher is ms tessa tan. n she's kinda fierce. haiix
my chinese teacher is. SU lao shi. an china woman.
pe teacher mrs cindy teo. ( i don't like her! she made me fail napfa.)
we took height n weight today. haha. i lost 5kgs =Dn gain 1 kg. -_-''
dunno if i in taf anot. hope not. it's shows tat i'm in the middle of
standard n 110% overweight. so how? i don't know lah~
PE is after recess. it's bad u know? we might become like mengzhe.
MANG CHANG YAN. for godness~ hello sch. pls change e timetable?
haha. oh yes. and for EMS there would be this banding thingy**ewws*
which means we might not be studying in e same class as frens.
for eng i'll be in 2b2... dunno if esther or denise wld be same. hope so.. =D
if tat is. that would be soo good. hahax. n e thing is tat.. my teacher is mrs KOH.
i hate her. ever DE ZUI her before. she's sooo. eww... hahax.
and the thing is that. e keyboard table(ermm. ) is spoilt!
i'm taking lots of energy to type this thing out.
cos i'm using my leg to support e keyboard... -_-''
opps. looks like i've complain too much. something better now..

we can bring CAMERA PHONES

whee pi! finally they have accepted technology. =D

20th Jan 2006.pls support. =DD I WANT THE CALANDER!