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Wednesday, January 25 |4:04 PM

ever since school started i've started my complain campaign.
hahha, my lamp model ain't right. ms KOK didn't accept it. *sobs*
and i'm gonna do one today. yes, AGAIN.
which would be worse than yesterday's model. =P
don't know why but i just have the urge to write out what i HATE.
maybe cos someone just did what i hated. grrr.

one: people who keeps talking about their relatives.
i mean your fren is here accompaning you and now, you are here asking "aiya~ where's my relative? what the- she didn't see me! GRR" HELLO. pls don't waste my time...

TWO: people who call me at midnight or EARLY morning and disturb my sleep. i'm sleeping so peacefully and you sms or call me to DISTURB ME!

THREE: those people who wait for my mum to bring them back. or should i say... the person will be sitting there and " HAIYA. so late already. how i go home? i scared of the dark leh. tsk, when your mum coming back?" aye, it's obvious that you want my mum to bring you back!

FOUR: those who call me at the night and ask me to help them do their work. example: the person can't find this or that, and she calls me and ask me to help... keep saying PLEASE. can't you do your own work. plenty of time for you to do you know. ok, i'm softhearted.. that's why i can't stand people who keep pleading me. i dare to type it here, but do i dare to say NO? i guess not. haha, i guess keep my phones enanged. that's all. =P

FIVE: people who keeps bragging. (this doesn't concern me much. cos i just ignore them)


the above only applies to some people
as for my best frens, i won't ignore you lah . (it's obvious!)
i'll help you if you need help.
but i KNOW you won't call me in midnight and ask me to do work for you... =P
vented all my anger already. haha.

i want AI DE QI JI 2 !
hope there won't be gaiban. =P