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Tuesday, January 10 |10:07 PM

brrr. it's cold here, i mean for me. everyone's sick.
me, esther, RENFU, jr, shanwei, mengzhe and even SCV is sick!
gosh~ don't be alarmed or shocked when u see SCV's sick.
something is wrong with scv. the image is like corrupted.
hope everyone gets well soon! yeah. haven't been really sleeping
ever since school started, yes. i need sleep! please stop torturing me!
last saturday got cca fair and i was suppose to give out candles.
which was a easy job. after which, we went to other cca and
'stole' their sourviners. ahahax. i can't concentrate in school.
reason being... i sit near the window which faces the basketball court.
and sherminh kept turning behind just becos her partner doesn't talk.
bleah. i hate my chinese teacher. she's so chim... we don't understand her at all.
she explains one word, but the whole class go "huh"
not like mrs goh. explains it in a easy way, tells us how to
match the words and some of her stories. sec 2 chinese teachers are so profound.
bad for students. i hate dnt! gosh. my tcher is ms kok. my cca tcher cum one of my fav..
it may not be later on. she's so strict in dnt! and i don't understand what she wants us to do.
just like mrs ow. haiix. i don't know how to do my dnt! HELP ME!

shape borrowing- what shapes can i use on my lamp?
research-- 2 things you like about the lamp n 2 things you dislike.
(if you like it why would you dislike it? common sense please plus we can't use terms like cute, pretty, interesting.. what else can we use?)
tell me please. i need to know it asap. haha.

i'm gonna hate dnt. i still haven got my apron.
i hate school. yes, but i still have to learn how to love it. eek.