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Friday, January 13 |10:40 PM

as you read from my heading. yes, i'm extremely tired. for doing dnt for the past three days nights! oh god, can you image how tired it to be? no you can't. i got so tired until my almost doze off from science lesson today. friday the thirteen aka bad luck friday. i'm not that supertisious, but it really is unlucky. firstly, PE was torture today! we ran four rounds, skipped more than 100times and do pumping! and guess what, other levels were also having PE and they stood in one straight line and my class started walking behind them. that's lame. yes i know. = we just had our recess, how can we run like horses for you, MRS TEO! please think of the welfare of your students. (; after that all the 42 stinky students have to go to science lab. and we had to walk down the stairs. i always thought we don't need energy for going down the stairs.. now i know we need, which is again lame. i was like listening to the teacher like =.= eyes about the close.

ART! yes, i hate art.. eek. we had to form groups and appoint a leader to TALK (english must be good) my group has 2 pple in 2B2, which so far is the best english class in my class. forget it if you don't understand. and the two pple are joey and me. joey didn't want to be the leader, so i became one. without even knowing that i'm the leader. mrs ow just told us to find a leader and print the paintings and not tell me what to do! i'm lost, and i have to like do everything myself. no team spirit! and guess what mrs ow got soo angry and gave us another change next week.
and i have to be the leader for next term too! what the... i'm gonna sleep till 2pm tml. soo many hw not done yet.

i miss photoshopping.
i miss my tv( i only watch 1 hour a day! currently)
i miss my computer.
(psst. esther, shall we buy the same earrings? yeah. the initials of our name?)
i miss sleeping.
i miss everything i had in primary school!

sec 2's life is really hard. eyebags are all coming out YOU KNOW! and i can just sleep in 10 mins. that's how sleeping i am... talking about... *yawns* sleeping. yes, i'm sleeping soon. goodnite!