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Saturday, January 28 |12:33 PM

it's the eve of chinese new year already!
yes, i haven't bought my new clothes yet.
will be buying it later, or maybe i woundn't even get the time to buy.
i'm not even excited for the new year, or shd i say not prepared at all.
no chinese new year feeling at all, since my mum would be leaving me at home.
when she goes malaysia, i'm not going anywhere except my grandma hse.
and the thing is that... i don't know how to talk to my cousins later.
it'll be soo awkward. and my mum would be talking to whoever.
so i'll be alone! lonely. well, i got used to it already.
there's 5566 on channel eight now! they're hosting some kind of CNY show.
but it's last yr one of cos. there's jiqin there too.
haha, too bad renfu n her didn't talk that much. =P

yesterday's tuition i kept talking to denise.
maybe cos chinese new year is nearing.
talked and talked alot! then i told her my mum would be away.
and she actually invited me to stay overnight her house.
so cool right? haha, i asked her to invite esther too.. (;
after tuition she left and my mum asked me to walk home my own.
so i walked to macs and saw her at the traffic light.
of course we chatted quite some time. HAH !
so excited about the sleep over at her house.
so i woundn't be so lonely on chinese new year.
actually my mum allowed, later she told me not to disturb them on CNY.
GRRRR. why can't she jus tlet me stay overnight lo. at home also nth to do.
except DNT... hate it lah . okok, it's chinese new year and i shan't scold bad words.

( her chinese birthday, yet she's so excited. so i shall wish her happy birthday lo. )