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Monday, January 2 |2:42 PM

ARGH! sch starting soon... n i mean real soon. 27 more hrs. it's so freakyy. i don't feel like going to school. and i haven finish myy commonwealth essay only like 209 words. oh gosh. half more. and my mum is there treatening me to finish it. so i can play pool. -_-''.... for e sake of finishing the essay... i actualli disabled my internet so i can concentrate. what a big sacrifise! ( did i spell it correct?) and i can't believe tat nicky's real name is li zhe jiu n not li jiu zhe... haha. knew tat frm 56 thru a malaysia radio. lalala~ so funny lo. haha. well... renfu said tat he MUST bathe before every concert. and he actually sprayed perfume on e actual day of concert. xiezhi was like: why do you need to spray perfume? you're a guy! haha. shaowei didn't eat before e conert lol. haha. and.. n i forgot what they said... haha. edit it later hafta squeeze my brain juice lerhh. hope i did all my hw and not miss out anything. =DD HAPPY SCHOOL DAYS. -_-''