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“ leading a meaningless life. ”
Monday, January 9 |3:55 PM

YAY! i bought 7F's album, finally.
maybe i'm going to see S.H.E later on.
it depends really. see if i'm lucky to catch them. (:
it's been raining and raining ever since my eyes opened today.
it's makes me soo slumberous n wanna snuggle in my bed.
'Jamie doesn't like you leh... just now i asked her if you can join the group she say YOU LIKE HER MEH? ' quoted from 'someone'
i rather not know this at all. and 'someone' i prefer u not to tell me.
am i that detestable? whatever. i, too, don't really like her. so who cares?
in short. i don't like my class at all! never ever ever i'll find a TRUE fren there.
I 'LOVE 6 PATIENCE 2004. we rockks! (:


yes, i went to marina square to catch s.h.e
and i saw them. it's actually hard for me to say...
but i think their fans are really more than 5566.
but they are also not in e same catoragy, so yah.
i only saw the back view of them. which is, also a blessing ?
at least i saw them. before that gong shi jia came out and sang 2 songs.
after few mins, s.h.e came from ermm. i dunno where. haha.
they sang bu xiang zhang da n tian hei. (:
so nice. the sound system was not good at all.
kept having those ZZZZ sound. and i was standing at e back of stage.
so i heard the echos. as what renfu said. now i know.
they reached at 7.30. they sang tian hei and there was this fan(boy)
sang EXTREMELY loud. then ella kept looking at him.
she gave a thumbs up sign. i'm getting to like ella now. =P
mum and i then went to the food court. as well as to see them from the top.
and see if the crowd decreases.. then i'll go down and let them sign.
there was this once, selina went to the toilet i guess?
hebe and ella laid themselves on the table. they look exhausted.
selina came back, and they started signing again. there was 'people jam' everywhere.
which is soo unliky to see this in 56 auto session. i admit that they are more famous.
but i still think 5566 is the best! mum wanted to go to the supermarket.
what a good idea. we went and wasted 40 mins there.
i knew they where still signing becos i saw their workers buyin something from e supermarket.
after that we i rushed to e a/s.. it was ending. i ran to find the entrace to e a/s. i can't find it.
i walked back to find my mum. like she would help me. and i saw her talking to someone.
ok.she still have the mood to talk. then she was like scolding while finding the entrace.
asked the guard and he said the gates are already closed. then i have the urge to cry.
my mum went somewhere and asked me to wait for her. i stood there, felt like crying all of a sudden. but of cos i controled myself. we went back to the car. it was then my tears rolled down my cheeks. i kept consolling myself at least i saw them. but e more i consol myself the more i wanted to cry. the worst thing is to see the chance just slipped off like that. and to send them off without the signature. i cried cried cried. my mum was sooo angry lah. then she told me those pple behind can't even see them and they don't have the signature. i cried even more upon hearing this. i rather i hear this from the guard and not her. like that i'll cry even more.
i stopped crying after awhile. this is not worth it at all. why cry for something soo... meaning-less. i suddenly found out that this idol thing is really destroying my life. i know that long ago but i still continued idolism. i wished i was not so into this idolism thing. it's destroying me! i can't even concentrate on my homework and studies! i even missed shaogong and wanyu for this. which is so... not worth it. i'm not going to any other a/s beside 5566!