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“ lu guang ! ”
Thursday, January 26 |10:26 PM

i've been blogging like crazy these few days since i'm so free.HAH ! i'll be super free during CNY.
will be only going to grandma house for reunion dinner and the actual day, should be super free and i can catch almost all the CNY editions of wanyu, only that i can't record for denise as my grandma would be using it somehow. i think there woundn't be much homework. or probably there wouldn't be any! WOHOO~ cos my class would only have chinese, hist and PE for tml's lesson. PE is tough tough tough. lie down on the parade ground, put yr hands on your head, pushup position.. HEAR the "BEEP" and start running... muscle aching so much. i have to admit that i've not been exercising. LOL.

somone "BPHOO" me today. i thought it was LY as usual, but it was the long-lost
*claps pls* hehe. wondered if she had really recovered. cos i didn't hear properly.. hehe.
and if you see this.. please please forgive me for my attitude. i was alittle tired and down
this morning.. =P
Mrs koh came late today, but we still had to finish our compo. family reunion, how common. =.=
my compo was like. URGH~ so not nice. i'll fail. after that had chinese compo... i'll fail it as usual.
and the horrible maths test! i only remembered today morning. i didn't know the topics tested. i just i'll pass, with low mark only. bleahhx.
DNT sucked today. we were still doing our lamp models. while the other class was like "BRRRRR.. GRRRR. " all kinds of sounds traveled from there. then chole came signalling to me.." APRON " and she asked me to throw my apron over there. three teachers were there you know! i was like looking around then THROW! how lucky, one teacher came walking by, and looked at the bad throw i had. i pretended i didn't know anything but she kept looking at the apron. HAHA. pheww~ she walked away and chole crepted to take the apron. heehee.

came back at about 3.30 today when it's supposed to be 2.45! my mum was like " NOW THEN COME HOME HUH" then i went explaning. i can't type it down here, too tired. lolx.


Just watched 2 disc of lu guang sen lin. it's super nice!
and i've watched the first epi. for like N times already, just to refresh my memory abit.
realised that shaowei is having more and more fans. and with that, he has upgraded in my list!
i think most people had had shaowei upgraded, provided they watch FROG PRINCE.
this is soo true. my frens that watched wangzi had him upgraded,
while one fren didn't watch and he's still the last in her list.

i heard that cable tv would be showing the wkn editions of wanyu!
WOHOO! but it's not really sure yet okayy.
so yah. don't be so alarmed. according to my fren,
it will commence on 26/2( two months from now, mingdao's birthday)
YES ! every weekend 3-5pm. how cool right...
two hours of wanyu and then 2 hours of shaogong and some idol dramas. (;