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“ New year new beginning... ”
Monday, January 2 |12:06 AM

hope 2006 would be MUCH better than 2005 bah.
2005 realli ain't a good year. lolx.
don't know why i just have the urge to cry ytd...
it's like e first thing i do in 2006 is cry! haha.
just feel tat my eyes v sour. n i cried.
i think i also cried last yr? nope, few years ago.
still rmb i was playing maple. (or was tat chistmas. i luan liao)
i dunno lah. but i cried for no reason ytd.
ammendment to what i said. i think e first thing i do in 2006 is
stare at renfu. lols. well, after watching e promise it was already ard.
12? yahh~ renfu's pic was on e lift's door. haha. e scv ad. mah...
so while waiting for e lift i keep staring at him. dunno for what. haha
well... officially changed my name frm *-xiiaoqii-* to shiqi* ... lol
just thot of this since i've got nth to say... n i also was wondering
why did i even put tat name in e first place. haha. no idea. =/
i think i better sleep now in case i can't wake up for sch... yeah.
still haven finish commonwealth!!! gosh~ it's cracking my head lah.
anyways... good nite! =D