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“ rainie yang poster ”
Saturday, January 14 |11:13 PM

rainie so kawaii.

a rainie yang poster. so kawaii! i mean rainie and not how it turned out. i'm too lazy to use brushes this time. it turned out uglier than i think. i'm trying a new style, and it's horrible! cover your eyes please. haha. comment it if you want. (;

i'm having a terrible fever! 38.7 degrees, i need to be sent to the doctor. unfortunately i'm stuck at home. i slept till 2pm today and then slept another 1 hour plus, I'M A PIG! gosh~ i'm so cold now, even thou the rain has gone. i'm also have a sore troat, the result for shouting at s.h.e's auto session and not drinking water. haha. i don't even have the guts to cough out and this feeling is terrible. with all the phlam in your troat and not coughing it out, reason being the muscle ache on my stomach. haiiz. probably i'll lose some weight after this. haha. there's fire works(i think)
today. saw only a glimpse of it. which is terrible~ have to sleep already. good night everyone!