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“ this is how terrible my new year is, is it? ”
Monday, January 30 |1:52 AM

it's my second first post today..
what kind of new year am i celebrating ?
keep getting scolded from my mum..
first cos of buying clothing, and now...
cos i scratched myself ?! and watching wanyu at night.
don't she know what is called DOOR? she can close her door right?
somemore, she's the one who made me awake everynight by watching television.
why can't i do what she does. SELFISH! she can watch i can't !
now i can't even hear the television at all.
i actually wanted to praise that she was the BEST mum in the world.
but now i don't know what to say anymore...
ok someone bragged that she recieved like AHEM $2000 + for cny.
so fake, i mean she don't need to type it out for the WHOLE world to see right?
what a full-time bragger. ( i don't know how to spell hahah)

realised something ? i've been like saying/typing all negative things on my blog nowadays.
which is so bad. hmm, i don't know what to do at my granny's house tml?
reaching at around 7am ! and i'm sleeping at 4am. *yawns* so tired now..
esther's birthday is reaching soon, so is denise's . i'm gonna be soo broke. =P

i'm watching the hot- favorite XUE LANG HU
XIE (blood) LANG HU now

featuring CYNDI and of course my fave. RENFU as the main i think .
i must so-so admit that renfu looks real horrible with that frindge .
and mengzhe looks like ahem..WITCH ! hahah, it's soo nice. i must watch it.