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Saturday, January 21 |5:28 PM

this is a nonsence post.
because i'm pissed off.
and i talk crap. why do girls have to learn dnt?
who was the one who state this rule. EEK.
why can't we make a lamp as normal as we want it to be?
when every lamp looks the same outside there.
every single one buys the same looking lamp, so why can't we make one?
grr. now i have to make a model lamp with vangrad. what the.
how am i suppose to make it? the teacher never teaches.
i'm so stressed up. SEC 2 life sucks. it's like project project and project!
all this project is KILLING me already. i'm out of control of my own life.
making me look a listless everyday. and useless. i'm just a robot.
WHY DO WE HAVE TO LEARN DNT? why can't all these work go to the man?
i feel so dead. i don't know what am i doing talking all these rubbish.
i feel like crying. crying. i hate my skin!

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