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Sunday, January 29 |12:30 PM

was it supose to be happy or sad today ?
isn't it supposed to be chinese new year eve ?
why is she scolding me once again ?
i thought it was a happy day today, but it turned out ...
sad ? i had to pretend to be happy during reunion dinner.
when i just had scolding from her, just for buying clothing last min.
HEY! but it wasn't my fault you know. she didn't let me my my clothes.
and now blaming me. ahh, whatever.. what's over is over.

i'm still at home, wearing my old clothes for the new year.
i can't figure out why we must visit relatives and have a reunion dinner..
the english one doesn't have it soo happy, why does the chinese have one like that.
hmmm, i'm now watching channel 8. and it's PAINFULLY obvious that zoe tay is lipsing.
i just thought i LOST 1 kg again...
but the result of yesterday's dinner is another one kg
so i lost that kg for nothing, haiizz..
i shan't eat today. =P


yesterday's wanyu was like soo long! triple the hour.
hahah, i watched until scared.. hahah.
the s.h.e part was soo funny . esp renfu, hahah.
can't wait to see tonight's wanyu...
don't know when they'll show 56's concert...
hope they'll show faster... i got to go visiting already..