Shiqi :D
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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

Monday, February 27 |8:20 PM

AHHHHHHHH~ just realised that the layout i made was 400 x 300 pixels.
which is toooo small~ have to remake everything =.-
i'm suffering from depression, have to finish my dnt like tml?
cos i've to stay back on wed, and finish by thurs. But, i'm going my fren hse tml.
haiz, i got a MAJORR problem, i don't know how to put my switch.
the silver thing is at the bottom and how to connect it like that?
YAY (x dean is singing now. wonder who sang that song...
watched aqmfs just now. it's so nice, so addicted to it already.
though there isn't renfu in there. =p shaowei so shuai in there, can't wait for next episode.
my mum is like suspecting me lah. I'm going my friends house to do preoject and not
PLAY! haiz, ever since sec 1 she keeps suspecting me.
the editted pics in the forum is blasting with renfu's works. (;
Hope dean and teresa will get in the next round!!