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“ guitar hunting... ”
Sunday, February 12 |10:11 PM

i went guitar hunting today, my mum was like "popular got sell, come let's go and see.."
ahem, poppulaar is a bookstore? at most it will only sell recorder.
my mum actually asked the assistance if they sold guitar, that was so embarassing!
how many centuries was that ago? lmao, went to eat Bi bim bam after that, love it<33>STRESS the week! gosh. PHYSICS, HISTORY, MATHS, GEOG, ART test this week.
stressed stressed stressed. i'm having a date with my beloved books.
*white hairs all coming out. * ^^ i'm planning lots of things after my test finishes this week.
-changing my skin to a renfu one. ((;
currently working on it already, heheh.

what else do i want to do harh? i forgot already... heheh
can't wait for the 56 concert to dl finish, it's so slow. 2 hours already, not even 1% downloaded.
i've got a feeling it woundn't even start downloading in a few days. *sobbs*

thanks for those who gave me notes n sweets. (;