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Monday, February 6 |8:52 PM


my precious daughter... 14 years old liao, older than me. hehehe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

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haven't done one on 5566 before i guess. (; comments? =/ overdone it abit

eeyer, my previous post on the sat on was deleted, no idea why. so i shall post the one on sat AGAIN. (; it's the first time this year we went out together, so fun. Well, esther was supposed to reach first lah, but she overslept, so did denise. Denise called me when she reached, and she was crying at my void deck. As usual, qurrelled with her mum, and her mum didn't allow her to go out... Her mum was waiting for her to go home which is UH~ a nono, sat down the void deck and kept consoling her... then her mum came out scolded her and drove away! gosh, it's so teevee like and i was like day-dreaming when she was scolding. bleahh, denise and i went up to my house and got conselling by my mum! talked talked talked till i cried also. =P such a cry baby.
Somehow, denise got influenced by my mum...

Esther called and we went to pick her up at the busstop. heheh, after that denise was SUPPOSED to call her mum. Guess what? Her mum was like so calm and allowed her to come till 7pm! WOOTS. went to watch i not stupid and played arcade. (; saw pearlyn,charmaine, jasmine, qianwei, zhixian, charlene, amelia n some others. so coinsidence lah. I love playing the arcade drum thingy, ROCKS. (; went to tampiness cos esther had to, and we took neos there. took like 3 diff machines. hahah, i look so awful lah.. post it some other time, scanner spoilt. =P
me and denise got the same wallet! hahah, i love it. buying one for esther i think. heheh.
I'm left with nothing... =P

Yesterday met up with my dad, he gave me $100. which is "uh huh" expected. He could give more with his potential. And he doesn't give me ang pow before. He was just obviously faking the "caring part" of himself.

I bought ai de qi ji 2 and j-mag already. So lucky, got the j-stars red packet and 2 renfu badge/magnet... hahah. Honestly speaking, his hairstyle now is so ugly... and it's like he is bald, you know, "M xing tu" hahaha. renfu kissed ting ting, YUCKS.

Got english test tommorow! gosh. byee peeps... FOURTH OF FEB ROCCKS!