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Friday, February 3 |11:30 PM


hahah, that's first thing first to do today? in tuned to a 'blur' and 'angry' mode today you know? i get angry easily today, very easy. once someone touch my things (depends who is it lah) i'll be like showing her attitude lah. SORRY TO ANYONE WHO I'VE SCOLDED TODAY, hahaha.
we ran 5 rounds in the park you today, as a result of the muscle ache i had yesterday ( i ran alot yesterday!) i was the second last to finish. Last was vivien, if i continue this speed i'll fail napfa alright! and o've failed it last year, just becos of the pull up. DUH! After PE i was like annouced DEAD only my soul was floating around. =P i was sweating like i've just got dreached in the rain!

Believe it anot? i've stripped in class today! hahah, i changed in class lah, no big deal. Mine's a girls` school... so what YOU have i'll also have, nothing to be shocked lah. and there was only like 4 girls in the class, while 3 was changing, hahah. We did service learning today for interact, i rather go to pathlight school. we are having a club outing at pasir ris next week, so bored.

Those two 'ah lians' came for tuition again. They sat right infront of us, and one girl was also named denise. soo, coinsidental. well, i didn't know how but we started talking to them. and yes, they are so ah lian and they we're so noisy. Denise told denise(hahah) " i can see your bra strap you know... put it back" hahah, then denise was like adjusting and said " it's sport bra mah. "
THAT denise laughed at denise "hahahha, you STILL wear sports bra? ! " denise "huh, cannot meh? " another girl" but sports bra don't have the wire thing, then your breast will drop."
What the- nevermind, i shan't disturb them or anything, later they come and find trouble. hahah.

Denise came to my house after tuition just to wait for her mum to fetch her. heheh, well. not much of fun, cos she was talking to chloe. so, yah. she went back at 11pm. heheh. =P
3 more days to esthers birthday! =P


xiaojie skin, for geral jie.
a Xiaojie skin, for geral jie..
Me again RENFU It's me! ME<<3
me, renfu and me, me. all made up of the same pics. heheh.