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Friday, February 10 |6:31 PM

I officially declare a SCHOOL HOLIDAY next tuesday!

woots~ hippie hooorayy! sooo happy upon hearing this news. ((;
80.2% of sec 4s` in my school last year can apply for JC!
woahh~ everyone was like soo soo happy and kept screaming..
it goes like that...

Some extra information. ((;
my class was having free time, and everyone was like screaming and playing.
suddenly (on the PA system, ms yoong aka THE WITCH)
"Girls, can you all please be quiet? The whole school is very noisy.
hahah, it's our class that was making the noisy =P
and we thought it was so asurpt to ask the school to keep quiet in this manner like, yah~
continued " we have a IMPORTANT annoucement to make, KEEP QUIET."
next BIG BIRD aka Mrs Lee(eeyer) continued to talk on the PA system..
"Our school had scored very well for O`levels. Express girls did a very good
job, but the normal did not do so well... 80.2% of 2005 secondary 4 students can
apply for JC. (YAY!) blah blah blah... I declare a school holiday next tuesday."
The whole school roared like mad! ((; " let us rise up... TO GOD BE THE GLORY!"
then we sang... hahah. saw azurin and some badminton girls walking arcoss
the parade ground and they were like raising up their hands when
they sing the part "to god be the la glory" hahah, super funny lah.
Our class was like screaming and jumping until stocking woman came,
we were still screaming. ((;


hahah, holiday on valentines day! WOOTS. ((;
actually supposed to go to pasir ris today for interact but it rained so heavily
that we stayed in school. played some games, one of which the straws game.
must use the mouth to hold, those who watch shaogong will know...
i kept dropping it, and well... my group lost... heheh. been very busy these few
days, test, research, dnt. HAIZZ. i didn't learnt my chinese test today.
but i think it was ok. today's "xing qi 5 zhou bao" got RENFU AND JIQIN..
it was said that jiqin kept hinting renfu to propose. In the end she said "she has no hopes on this relationship, see how fate goes. " But some fans saw them going out with hands interlocked on the third day of new year, hahah.

I don't know if i'm even choosing the right friends.. i'm always stucked in the middle.
VH: aye, i go vandalise LY table... don't tell her okayy.
LY: shiqi... why my table like that? who sat here just now? wah lao, someone keep vandalising my things lah. I want to tell the teacher already. Must tell me who vandalise if you see ok..

and now that LY knows it VH... she doesn't want me to friend her. VH is now spreading rumours about LY lah. and everyone keeps asking me not to go with her. i don't know what should i do now. everything seemed so wrong this year, i didn't want to go with vivien nor liying. all i want is to go with esther and denise... sadly, we're in the different class.

my life is in a total mess, i don't know what's right what's wrong. Maybe i know what's right what's wrong. But i just can't get the right things out. the right things always seemed far from me.