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Sunday, February 19 |8:51 PM

common test was horror. only word that comes to my mind is "STRESS"
been complaining to my mum about the stress, body ache and many other things.
another 3 more test to go and it'll be over... time to party (; hahah. still left with
math and physics? well, can't be bothered what's left. my butts has been glued to
the chair and my eyes glued to the worksheets i've to revise. I'm getting real old.
i get tired easily, and i get tired just by walking and even watching tv.
imagine me walking like a old woman with my eyes about to close, hahah.
Hoped i passed my art, but it's fat hope! imagine what i drew...
I drew a park, with people without eyes, nose and mouth. just the shape of the person.
and the quality of my art work just sucked. sure fail for that *sighs*
I always fail art the first term. Ah, my dnt... the mickey mouse is just so out-of-shape
sure fail too.

Haven't use the com for like 4-5 days, for some personal reason.
which somehow is sad, terrible and horrible (for me)
My house suddenly seemed so empty. Everything`s gone, moved to another place.
Not that i've moved house, but for some reason i shan't say.
Life is just so uncontrolable. Never used to be as happy-go-lucky person as i am few years back.
i think i've changed alot. A worse person in fact, i've got no idea why. But maybe because
i've keep my REAL feelings in my heart for soo long and it's boiling everyday that i somehow
exploded now. i don't use to be like that, i don't know why really. i barked at anyone ( not anyone some SPECIFIC person) who makes me angry or gets in my way. i've got enough
of you that i don't wish to tolerate you anymore, but things gets worse this way...
I treated you so good and treated you the way i wanted to be treated but it didn't end up right.
Some people may think i'm happy like that but i'm not! i may look happy but i'm bleeding inside. I just don't understand why can't they accept each other, I HATE TO BE THE MIDDLE PERSON. no one likes to be one, i guess.
Everything seemed so wrong... 2006 just ain't my year.

appart from that, i've got something better to say (;!
Heard from the forum that renfu would be acting in a movie!
YEYE! ain't that good? and it's a chou xing chi one, thou i don't like to see
him always acting those funny kinda person. But i'm just so excited.
Wonder if it's really true, and not a false alarm eh.
I would watch the movie for more than once if he really is inside. =P
Sad to say, the weekend editions of wanyu didn't include the saturday one.
*SIGH* if not when it's renfu birthday then i can see the wan quan happy.
but whatever it is, at least the sunday one is up. heheh.
i've just put on like 2 kgs? i dunno what happened, but i shall stop eating.

how old are you now? 28 i suppose... heheh.