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Thursday, February 2 |7:41 PM

this post is a nonsence post, yes AGAIN.
reason being.. i've been accused by almost half the class for WEIKEE's plastic. all thanks to ms kok, to confiscate the plastic. it wasn't even me! I went there to take the wood. then later i went to the drawer when meiee was there to take my plastic. i was looking for it on the table, then meiee passed me my plastic. I walked off. I wasn't the last person to touch the plastic ok. Why is everyone accusing me for leaving it there? doesn't mean i used the machine first that means i'm the one to left it there. People with common sense will know that if i were there using the machine first, i should be the one who took the plastic before meiee. But the thing is that, meiee used the machine when the class is ending, so not much people saw her doing the cutting. Thus, they think it was me? RIDICULOUS !

i hate this feeling, so uncomfortable. I'm quite happy in a sense that i can start my cutting already, with all the weeks of hard work. Yet, ms kok looked at my model and tore my hard work... left with the few scattered sheets of vangrad. eek, that's all my *wipes my sweat* hrad work, all of it just gone like that! Another thing, i broke the blade of the machine and had to pay a fine. Guess how much? $1, that's so.. =.= But i didn't spoil it or whatsoever, i was just using it.
Oh, the first time i cut the plastic it was so so failure, all out of the line, so.. i'll have a hard time doing it. )= bad things always happen in the dnt room...