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Saturday, February 25 |1:12 PM

this whole week is so stressful... DNT DNT and DNTTTT!!
haiz, i'm just not the type for dnt. got back chinese and physics today. i got so low for chinese it's only 30.5.. got 33 for physics.ahh, so little lah. art presentation sucked, like no one in my group wanted to comment on it. not even one of them contributed, except pictures?
that's why only got 5/10. gahh, lowest lah. =P blame them for wanting me to be leader.
i ain't fit to be one, hahah. i forgot to bring my interact shirt, so asked my mum 2 bring it for me... for the sake of $1 then rushed to DNT room after that. ms kok was late and there was a OFFICIAL class in we queezed in. so fustrated! i dunno where to hide my battery and bulb! AHHHHlate for interact.. interact was okay lo. the only funny part waswhen liying can't open her bottle then we were helping her to open it.then mellisa was like can you all stop playing? aiyo.. (then she took the bottle)then she took the bottle, it was passed around but no one can open it, hahah.then we did the globe with wires. ended 35 mins later then usual.we're gonna have club outing next week,
went pupil profiling today i'm a AUDIO VISUAL person, hahah.
And i got my guitar le! it's black in coloured but the holes make it look like a cello. =x
heard that 56 will be having a concert in ermm may? gosh, i wish to go...

sick and tired of my skin and signature...