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Friday, March 3 |10:48 PM

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2moro fans, it's better not to look at it. =p it's editted by my fren, not me. i got a shock when i saw this. ^^
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loads of things to say, haiiz. got abit pissed off by someone actually.
anyways, kinda happy with my history marks.
failed two important sub.MATHS and ENGLISH!...
gahhh, what the- i fail by abit only.and i also haven't got back by my compo,
which is- so dead.gonna get KILLED by mrs koh for not asking her of my compo.
yesterday was stressed stressed stressed, rushed out for dnt.i was like trying to screw the screw to the wood for the past 30-40mins..i found out that i need to make a hole first.
well, wasted my time. =p i stayed up till midnight on wed to make the box, and now mdm rose tell me that i can't do that.what the- she's always the opposite of ms kok lah.i'm soo sorry liying, for not telling you need to do that 2 pages(but i remembered i did! ok, i know you are angry with me.) haiiz, i feel so so guilty cos you cried. but i also had the same marks as you.
just that few 3-4marks? haiz..
i hadn't smiled for ages already. all i did was a fake one. it's never really so when i smiled and laughed from the deep of my heart. everything is just a mask. ahh~ i don't want to be like that! after i got into sec sch, everything seemed so complicated, even friendship. Not even a true one i can find in my class...

YAYEE~ crystal got me geraldine's auto, but i still haven't took it yet. =p
gonna see campussuperstars tml! hope there won't be so much pple so i can see them.