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“ Freaky math tutor. ”
Sunday, March 26 |1:10 PM

Yes, from the title...
I must say i have a super freaky math tutor!
Changed tutor cos` mr chong (new tutor)
guaranteed that i improve from 40plus to 70plus.
So freaky can. He just gave us sums to do
and walk away and teach other batch of students.
Then walk back and teach some formulas.
And walk away to teach another batch.
After doing few sums then he told us it's sec 3 work!
Gosh, sec 3 you know! He gave us the answers too
which is so... *ahem* weird of a teacher giving us answers.
Then he took out a WHOLE STACK of worksheets
wanting us to finish it by next week. =.-
So stressful lah. Somemore he's a poly lecturer!
Bet i could finish... Hahaha.

Angela's auto session
Yay! went her auto session yesterday.
Reached at like 11plus. Walked up to see if anyone was there.
To my surprise! No one was queuing us lor.
Then we went to eat lunch first.
And walked back, still no one there.
We walked in and out 5 times?
Then saw some people walking in then we followed.
Hahah, was at the first row de.
Then later geral jie and regina came.
Suddenly saw so many people standing up.
Then we followed. )= Not the first row le.
But nevermind lah, still can see. Hahah
She sang Pan Duo La and Zhen De.
Geral jie helped me took photos of shao han.
Thanks alot! Will upload the pics when i have time. (;
Then it rained, vivien's leg was all wet!
Hahah, she is so pretty!
Geral jie said something to her, then shao han looked at her!
So jealous, hahah. I don't have guts to say anything.
But her pen is so light. Can't really see that she signed.

Went to eat dinner at suntec.
Then saw superband. But my mum walked away.
So didn't catch any glimpse of anything.
Only saw seats for the judges, i think so.
It was like so cool out there, when i can't hear anything. hahah

Renfu's leaving two more days. )=