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Tuesday, March 28 |5:13 PM

Hols on friday and monday!
Wootsy. Glad to hear this news.
Wells, but i'm still sad today.
Heard over the radio that it's 28 march
then i realised... Renfu's gonna leave taiwan le.
I was writing BYE BYE all over my fullscap. )x
Poor foolscap. Is it that it's cos renfu's leaving that
I'm so in a bad mood today? I dunno.
Quarrelled with liying over a tie today.
Not say that i wanted to quarrel.
But i'm just so fed up
that why can't she do things herself!
Can't she just give it the borrowed tie to the
prefect herself? And even if she wanted me to help
she should say it politely right?
Not just "AYE!" I'm not your slave.
Nor maid. Don't treat me like one.

But still talked to me later,
for i-don't-know what reason.
She or sherminh should be
angry with me now i think.
Cos` my PW group wanted to stay back.
So i told sher minh i staying back.
But who knows? my mum, didn't allow.
So i went back with vivien n the rest.
Phew, thought liying and sherming were really gone.
Cos` we went off much later than them.
But at cherry hill, vivien was talking about liying
then suddenly saw her at alighting from the bus.
So "coinsidental" aye? I really
think she's pissed off by me.
As she didn't say HEllO to me.
(normally she would)
Well, can't be bothered much about her.
But why? She treats sabrina better?
Like i normally eat slowly, sher and liying would
return their plates first.
But for sabrina, they'll wait.
That's so unfair.
And i know that she doesn't like sabrina!

It was only today that i realised,
Sher doesn't really like liying too.
I asked her why she kept following liying.
Then she told me cos` liying kept following me.
So she follow also. Well, fake friendships.
I don't see a singlw friendship that is true.
Everything is fake.

I think i'm getting more detestable.
To be exact only to a particular person.
I'm like making her to dislike me?
I dunno what's in me.
My actions, well. Perhaps, the hatred in me
is increasing. I don't know why but i just don't
talk nicely to her, as i did.
I don't do what she say(that's good! i think so)
Which in a way, made me happy.
But also scared. If she hates me,
everythings doomed. You won't understand.
No one understands me. )x

Renfu.... )=