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Saturday, March 18 |8:48 PM

I'm just feeling so moody today.
This feeling just came over me.
I don't know what happened to me lah.
But i'm just so moody and blue all of a sudden.
Afraid of something but i don't know what =x

Whatever. Thanks vivien for the Kelly cd.
It's nice. I love the song JI SHI ZHA DAN, AI WU LI
All the rest sound so normal, Hehe.
Currently so addicted to Rainie's Qing Zhu.
So cute! Haiya, I must can't seem to play the F chord!
It's so frusrating and all the fingers are so painful now.
One more day to end the march hols.
I don't wish to go back to school.
Well, i just hated school days.
It's like living in terror. Not becos of the teachers.
But becos of my partner. =.- she's worst than any teachers
The freaky thing is that. WE do look alike and
WE have moles on our right little finger!
And i was in the same school as her when i was in kindergarten!
How considental can that be?!


ok, it's abit late to say this...
But Khim and Yuyang are out!
Gosh, it's so sadddening can.
It should be Clara and Renfred.
Not them, they have BRIGHTT future ahead.
Why would anyone just *POKE* burst their dreams...

It's 5566's concert in Taiwan now.
Wonder what they singing now.
I want to go see Angela!
Sadly, it's my momma's birthday.