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Wednesday, March 8 |5:03 PM

my first post since i changed skin (x
see how long i've never blogged?
CA marks are out! just checked the PTS system, and i failed one subject.
well, i improved in a way (; less subjects failed.
aww, only had 3As. But i seriously can't believe that history was my highest!
oh, DNT-- if only i had that 0.5 marks! i would have got an A!
nevermind, B is good enough. but it's such a pity.
Just hope that my english, chinese and maths would be better the next time. )=

Geography 70
English 55.3
Chinese 63.9
History 79.8
Maths 48
Physics 70
DNT 69.5
Art 52

haiz.. so so pissed off by my partner! *growls*
the very thing that i remembered is she took away my $10!
here goes, me and sherminh were planning to go out this afternoon
then meet at kovan @ 2.30 (it was so rush!) so i said that
if my mum wasn't able to bring me back i'll take a taxi.
my mum sms-ed me in class and told me she was coming to fetch me..
and my irritating partner was like " tell your mum i'm in a rush!~"
which is so not true. my mum said it was not on the way so she asked me to
lend her money so she can take cab. she saw the $10 in my wallet
took it away. without a thankyou or anything.
somemore that's the only amount of $10 i have to spent it today!
in the end, i had no money left. GROWL &%$!!#
luckily sherminh sponsored me some money to play arcade.(;

" it's no big deal knowing how to play qingtian..." quoted by me
ok, i didn't say this cos i'm proud!
i initially meant that doesn't mean i know how to play qingtian that means i'm very good.
i admit i'm a bit pissed off that time, so i said in some type of tune.
i didn't want to answer that way, it was YOU who made me answer that way can.

" my sister also know how to play what, so what's the big deal?*rolled her eyes* "
quoted by her.
i answered that way cos you said that to me before!
i just wanted to share with you can't you just shaer the joy instead of saying this?!

life was never happy ever since i met her. (i'm not les. =p)
i never knew happiness ever since she walked STOMPED my life.
the word happy will never appear in my vocabulary or my dictionary.

i knew this when ms tay put me to sit with her the first day of school..
"LOVE YOUR ENEMIES" i'm such a good example for this.

it's like a week ago, but i still wanna say it. =p
i met sherminh at macs then we went up.
the first person i saw up there was PEIQI!
so surprised lah. i kept looking at her to confirm if it was really her.
looks like she looking for someone, lol.
then i went to stand there for 45 mins.
YAY! saw dean and teresa! yuyang so monotonous, lol.
wanted to stay to see superstars one, but sherminh and viven were like
complaining about their legs. so didn't see them );
when i was about to go, i saw peiqi trying to queeze to the front. lol.
didn't dare to say hi, scared she dunno who am i.
i'm so anti-social. ^^

i'm so wanting to get a new hp! but i'm so broke.