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Sunday, March 19 |6:23 PM

Oh great, my laptop is spoilt.
Not exactly spoilt, but the internet there is spoilt.
Because of that acess point that is damaged.
Haiz, i can't use it to download aqmfs tonight!
Another thing, my mum found a video that i downloaded
from a web- Initial D! Gosh, luckily she didn't know i downloaded it.
She thought it just happened to be there :D
Five-and-a-half more hours to end the hols.
So sad, i'm gonna be so depressed after these five and a half hour.
Ah, star idol finals would start at 8pm.
But CSS much better. (;
I'm gonna support Brian instead of that Leon(or whatever his name is)
Life's gonna be back to normal tommorrow.
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