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Friday, March 17 |12:21 AM

SHHH, i'm not suppose to be here. I'm supposed to do my homework.

1. Grammer builder 1,2,6
2.Book review
3.Maths ws and Textbook
4.Geography wb
5. Chinese lian bi
6. Project Work
To design the badges.
7. Design and Technology research

Look at the load of work the teachers like to give us. (;
What's the whole point of it?
In the end giving themselves more work.
Nevermind, it may seem that i've almost finish all ayye.
But i still not know where to do my maths thou i done it on paper.
I can get the book review on the web. =P HAHA

We had our first forum gathering today yesterday! It was so memorable, cos it's my first time going to karaoke and meeting online friends! met up with esther at ps and played arcade in the morningthen we went to clarke quay, at first thought we would be late. But when we reached there... no one was there yet. A man walked to us and told us not to drink in the mrt. it's the second time! hahah... esther and i walked here and there. then i saw 3 people standing there... hahah, it was tengwan jie, geral jie and regina then came peiqi, carrie and rui. (;
Well, the feeling was abit awkward lah. Like we know each other but we don't.
We went to cash studio.. Most of the songs were 5566s (; spent like 5 hours there? lol, in e end we skipped most of the songs, cos it was getting late? we decided to take neos at ps, but carrie and rui didn't join us... )= Actually i tried to open my mouth and talk sometimes but haiya, suddenly just can't pluck up the courage.

I looked really weird in neoprints. asked my mum if she could bring esther back, cos she was really late for something, so she asked us to meet at J8 since she's there. we took the same train as geral jie and regina.. almost got myself squashed in the train, cos it was so packed and esther managed to squeeze in. but you see, i'm so big size. how on earth can i squeeze in such little space? still managed to squeeze in the end, but almost got myself squashed by the door. at that time, i could feel that i'm going to drop out anytime when the door opens. Esther then told me she doesn't need my mum to fetch her cos she's going to her granny's house. She should have told me earlier so i could go back myself from ps, which was much easier. my mum saw regina and esther. She thought that regina was esther's AUNT! =.-( cos i told her earlier that esther was going home with her aunt ) gosh, so paiseh lah! so sorry regina...

After this gathering i really felt i was soo soo anti-social... should have talked more the next time.

ii hatee peopple whuu typpe lykke thhat worrhs... esspiccially durringg smss worrhs. coss itt ish sho irritatting lorhh.. dunch euuu thiinkk itt ish a wasstee off tymme annd worrds ferr ssmmssing?
grrr, this is so irritating can? i mean msn or other thing can lah. but sms then it's like, i read le very pek check one. =.-

RENFU's blog is finally up, but it's without anything. hahah
tomorrow is 5566's concert!
and now the subject of 883fm is " If 5566 were to disband, who do you think would be sucessful? " oh cos it's renfu! but the dj also said that many people now thinks that 5566 is like F4, no talents at all and their vocals aren't good. how could they...

Anyways, have to go do my homework le. all piled up waiting for me to do~