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“ Tag replies! ”
Wednesday, March 22 |6:37 PM

I'm trying a new layout for replying tags.

jinle wrote: HELLLOOO. why you never tell mi u got blog? thx for linking me....

my reply: Oh, i didn't tell you? So sorry, but how on earth did you get here? =/

`sHuAnG wrote: miss garang guni! hawhaw / did you draw that? it's so weird, no body.... she's so prettayee

my reply: aye, don't call me garang guni! i don't wanna be one. i drew that (;

caho wrote: wah freaking idiot you're a bigger moron if you even BOTHER to spam people's board with nonsensical msgs. T.T

my reply: I totally agree with you! =P

chong wrote: oh so cornayye. my blog is down, u can delete your link..

my reply: Hahah, it was meant to be corny! Your blog down? whywhywhy? =/

celia wrote: shiqi, hehes. sorry. i really carn stand these people. whu insult our taste. hehes.

my reply: Celia, i also can't stand those people. Espicially anonymous...

tw wrote: shiqi, actually dun need change url one la.. u can del the posts, or dun bother abt it. OR *ting* its invisible. dun care...

my reply: Hahah, i tried that before. But that anonymous kept spamming and spamming until it's getting into my nerves! So decided to change my url :D

carol wrote: hi..this is carolyn from 56renfu tag me today right? thanks..i link you did you make this blogskin? the pic can send me mar? thanks!

my reply: Hi back. Yeps, tagged you that day to change url. I used photoshop to design this skin heheh. Ok, how you want me to send you the pic? Tell me ok? (;

shi_min wrote: shiqi, saw u on tv ytd! your reaction so cute haha...

my reply: AHHHH, shimin. Stop talking about it. I looked so- *ahem* weird. xD