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Monday, March 20 |7:59 PM

What a day to start the term.
Got stuck outside class cos no
one has e key to open the door.
Well, then mrs lim asked us to sing the
school anthem again. It was URGGH.
She sang like "ahem" i shan't say how bad.
But i wonder, why does the prefects always
off the fan in the hall. It's like so hot ok.
Squeezed like sardines in the hall.
So hot already, yet they off the fans.
I think they want to save electricity.
But those *counts* 5-6 fans...
(it's countable!) can save alot electricity ah?
Lol, i got a role in the class, which is....
GARANG GUNI monitress >.<
i collect newspapers, sell it to garang guni
and give money to class fund.
Changed seats, thought it was better.
But it disappointed me. hahah
No one to talk to now.
Perfect and hardworking girl infront of me
Bookworm beside me. >.<

Hahah, I'm now using other pple's network
cos mine won't work... x)
Hoping aqmfs will download as fast as possible.
Junyang is now daiyan-ing KFC!

I find that abit stupid to change my URL cos of that anonymous.
I'm so sorry! cos need you guys to relink.
wanted to changed back, but haiiz.. told you all to change le.
so forget it. i'm really sorry!

To that anonymous: I believe you are the same anonymous who tagged last time. You are getting into my nerves....>.< You are super irritating. And i think you are just bored or wants some attraction. I have my own choice of idols right? Different people has different opinion. Can you respect mine? (whatever, i don't think you'll see this now^^)