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Wednesday, March 29 |6:34 PM

yay xD
Renfu updated his blog today!
Hahha, felt so happy reading the blog.
Knowing that his fine.
He also said that that the cast are super!
Can't wait to see the show.
Renfu also said that he's still in the midst of
choosing the clothes. He has to discuss
how to make himself more old fashioned, hahah.
Wanyu is also gonna show he's updates regulary.
Plus, Renfu's si mi ri ji!
So cool pleasee. But also dunno when it would be showed.
That means i have to watch every wanyu episodes?
Hmmm, see how it goes lah.
Cos don't feel like seeing jr and shanwei.

Hahah, stayed back for public speaking.
Congrats richa... She got bronze!
Lolz, ilysa also did a good job lah.
Rained so heavily... Hahah.

I'm watching aqmfs now!
two episodes together.
So nice lahh. Oh my oh my.
I hope erqi and xiaobei will be together.

Tomorrow got chinese oral.
Arghh, i haven't practiced. )=
Thought i could have gone to kbox this friday.
Wells, it was wrong. Had to do project.
Probably going on monday if i got nothing.
Cos i'm a busy busy person...(;