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“ 90hours Singing maraton ”
Saturday, April 29 |4:41 PM

I'm supposed to be in school having cca at this time.
But.. I'm at home! (: hahah.
Cos of the pollings.
Polling day is 5566 day. (:
Awww, it's the last day sitting with sabrina...
Okay, it's not like i'm sitting with her officially.
It's just that Anna went to OBS so I decided to
leave my partner and sit with her for a week...
And yes, I'm going to be back the same old place next week.
Oh please. Sitting with sab is so so much better than ILYSA.
Ah, nvm. It's my second time sitting with her.

I'm so happy!! (:
Finally art is over over!
No more group projects for art!
REJOICE! Oh and.
My chinese got only 37.5 over 60
So low lah. Literature also.
90 hours singing maraton!!!
Date: 29th June to 3rd July
Venue: CK Tang???
Time: Not sure. =/
This is so cool eh.
My school organising this 90hrs singing maraton (:
Everyone's performing. Even me, yeah..
Hahah, so i need supporters?
Lolol, just joking anyone wanna come?
Don't worry it's free. (: Outside CK tang perhaps.
Not sure yet. My class is divided in 2 groups.
I'm in the second. Singing the pop songs.
Though no chinese. Actually Richa wanted to chose 3 chinese songs.
But SOMEONE said it wasn't nice. And not everyone understand.
Sickening. If not will have Chinese songs. But anyway.
I'm so excited!!! (:

Hey Juliet- LMNT
Faraway- Nickleback
Rush- Aly feat AJ
Breakaway- Kelly Clarksons
You make me wanna- BLUE
Pieces of me- Ashlee Simpsons