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Saturday, April 29 |4:41 PM

My mum found out that i downloaded shows or perhaps, music.
Is she gonna kill me or what?
It seems as if she "forgot" it.
But she kept telling me that i spoilt the comp.
Downloading stuffs = slowing down the comp.
Arghh, now i don't think my laptop internet access is working.
Had to connect it directly to download wanyu.
But everythings in my mum's room!
Ahhh, whatever. She's not back yet.
Later when she come back than say.

Oh yes, another freaky thing happened lately.
I was browing through artistes blogs.
Then "Aye, you looking at shanwei's blog ah?" Mum said.
I immediately closed the windows.
I assume she can see whatever i'm doing from somewhere.
Since she can see what i'm doing i typed at GOOGLE
"Hey mum, stop it. " Ok, it's lame lah.
But whatever. Then she stoped shouting.
After some peace. The mouse moved by itself.
Closing all the photoshop windows.
I was like OH MY GOD. How she did that.
Then i typed again... "Stop it lah~ "
Guess what, she backspaced everything and typed
"Just continue what you doing"
Oh my god lah. She can spy on me like that.
Don't want to let her know i chat with online frens and stuffs.
Luckily now she not at home lah.
These only happened in MOVIES.

Oh yes, heard that aqmfs will be showned on chn 56!
Heheh, super happy. (: