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Tuesday, April 25 |5:30 PM

I just wanted to tell you smt.
But you ignored.
Yet you blamed me for my bad attitude.
I come home everyday facing these four walls.
The ones that made up the empty shell.
However beautiful, grand or expensive.
There's still no warmth here.
When would you even notice
that i needed warmth and love?

Ok, that's crap.
Actually not lah.
Hmmm, whatever.
Quarrelled with my mum yesterday.
Over some matters - WHAT SHOULD I TAKE UP IN SEC 3.
Isn't it silly? To fight over this.
I think so too. Probably both of us were in bad mood.
I cried. Cried too much until I'm tired of crying.
Felt that my eyes are so tired of crying.
My eyes need some rest.
But tears just flow.

Ah, history test quiz is tml.
Sick lah. I haven't studied.
Chinese test is the day after.
Napfa retest is on thurs.
Chinese compo test is on fri.
God, when can i rest?

So i made this to-do-list NOT-TO-DO LIST
  • Stop photoshop-ing until test is over.
  • Not to touch the computer for more than 15 mins.
  • No AQMFS till tests are over.
  • No more blogging.
  • No more msn-ing.
  • No daydreaming during lessons.
  • Sleep earlier than 10:30pm.
  • Get tanner.
  • Play badminton every week?
  • More photoshop!

  • Don't even think i can fulfil the NOT-TO- DO LIST. Impossible actually. Book munching later. ):